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  • 06/27/23: VLOVED will be showcasing and selling official merchandise at Anime Expo 2024! Please visit us from July 1-4th in the Exhibitor's area. More information can be found below.

  • 06/27/23: You can find our full catalog below or visit our online shop to view all the items that we will have available during the event, thank you for your support!

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Original Creator & Author: Riku @rikumorningstar
Adult Ver. Illustrator: King @sunsetlcc
Young/Chibi Ver. Illustrator: Chii @luciarielucia
Promo Illustrator: HP @3000x4500
Graphic Designer: Siiv @siivvvvvv
Rigged Artist: Chro @chrokuro
Logo Designer: Liza @Lizallychi
Logo Animator: Deco @decoplum18
PV Creator: 리구 @riguruma
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